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Events and Contests


October Contest Winner

October was National Orthodontic Month and PFO invited patients to refer friends and family. The family that referred the most people won the contest!  The Meldrum family is pictured below with Dr. Packard and their prize. Congrats,Meldrum family - we are glad to have you as part of the PFO family!



Summer Contest Winners

 "Where in the World are Dr. Packard's Patients?"

This contest runs annually. Prizes are given to the patient who had the most exciting vacation and who traveled the furthest. Our contest winners this year had some pretty awesome adventures! Julian Esparza flew his grandfather's plane. He told us a little bit about the trip:

"Over the summer, I got to have an experience that most people in their lifetime don't get to have. Co Piloting a plane was a great thrill and a blast. I flew a small plane called a Cessna for an hour and a half over West Virginia and Virginia. I saw many great sights while in the plane including Harper's Ferry and a horse racing track. Before I got in the air, I got some ground lessons on how to check the fuel before takeoff and all mandatory pre flight checks. When we got in the air I learned the basic left turn and right turn and climb and descent. It was a very fun experience and would definitely do it again when I get a chance."


 Kaylie Walker won the prize for furthest vacation. She spent some time in Africa on a mission trip with her church. 

Kaylie Walker

 Congrats to our wonderful patients!


M&M's Winner!

Congrats to Lexy Edelman! She had the best guess of red M&M's in the giant jar. She won a $100 Visa gift card. There were 500 red M&M's in the big jar!

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