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At PFO, we have provided orthodontic services to thousands of Texans in and around Collin County for the past two decades. We are anxious to continue the tradition! We have guiding principles and general vision for what we hope to accomplish with and for you:

Our motto is “Do Good Things”

  • We want to promote good things, not just in the mouths of each of our patients, but in our communities and families.

Let us provide the education and clinical experience and you provide the patient preferences. With this type of a treatment plan, we are confident that we can provide a service to you that will best fit your personal circumstances and allow us to achieve the desired healthy, aesthetic, and functional results.


Teeth can be moved in a plethora of ways. PFO provides some of the following newer technologies:

Clear Aligners

Brands: Invisalign®, Clear Correct

Metal Self-Ligating Brackets

Brands: In-Ovation R®, Damon Smile

Aesthetic Braces

Brands: In-Ovation C®, Clarity™

Braces on the Back of Your Teeth

Brands: Incognito™

Robotically Preformed Wires

Brands: SureSmile®

In conjunction with moving teeth, other orthodontic services may include:

Dentofacial Orthopedics

Growth and development is a normal physiologic process. Orthodontists, generally, have the experience to monitor and manage issues of growth and development.

Surgical Orthopedics

For patients with facial imbalances and underlying jaw problems.

TMJ/TMD Treatments

The TMJ is a bilateral joint that connects the lower jaw with the rest of the skull. As with other joints, it can be the source of or related to sources of discomfort. Specific services can be utilized to reduce and or eliminate the discomfort.